Clumsy baby elephant needs help from big sister to escape mud

An adorable and clumsy baby elephant needs help from his sister to get out of the mud at Kruger National Park in South Africa on Monday (July 8).

"We found a herd of elephants next to a watering hole and decided to spend some time watching these amazing creatures going about their business," said Eldrich, the filmer.

"One particular baby elephant stole the show. We noticed the male baby elephant lying down in the mud, looking like he wanted to get up on his feet after his mud wallow. This seemed amusingly difficult for the clumsy young elephant to get right, while slipping, sliding and falling with each attempt. While feeling sorry for the little elephant, I couldn’t help but to find it funny at the same time. The baby elephant then found himself back on his side down in the mud, kicking the water and into the air in an attempt to get up. It became a real struggle until a nearby young female elephant noticed what was going on. The young female was one of the baby elephant’s many sisters in the breeding herd and started moving backwards slowly until she got into position. The young female gave her brother a slight push on the side while lending him a helping trunk to balance himself against. The baby elephant finally managed to get back onto his feet! Once the baby elephant got out of the wallow, it was adorable to watch him running straight back to his mother, looking very relieved," he said.