Cobra bites amateur snake-catcher in daring rescue

This is the moment an amateur rescuer is bitten by a cobra whilst trying to capture it.

The incident occurred at Sunabeda of Koraput District in Odisha, India, on October 3.

Neighbours called a local rescuer Sukumar Mahanadia, 40, after finding a cobra inside a building.

A video shot by an onlooker shows Sukumar struggling to capture the snake. As he fails to persuade the cobra to get into a bag, he tries to hold it by its neck. And that is when it bites him.

After the nasty bite, Sukumar left the cobra at the spot and rushed to the hospital. The doctors managed to save his life, but his hand is swollen and he is still in the hospital.

The abandoned cobra also left the spot and entered another building in the vicinity.

Locals called the Snake Helpline, which sent a volunteer who later managed to capture the cobra and released it in a forest nearby.