Cobra regurgitates another cobra after rescue in India

Basanti Bhoi was shocked to see a big cobra swallowing a smaller snake at her home in Naranagada village near Khordha in eastern India on April 16.

The snake, after finishing its meal, entered a burrow inside her compound and vanished.

She made a call to Snake Helpline, which sent a volunteer, Susant Behera, to help her.

After he dug the burrow, a four-feet long Indian spectacled cobra came out with a hiss, and tried to flee.

He managed to catch the tail of the cobra and it began to regurgitate its meal.

As the stunned villagers watched, a three-feet long long cobra came out its mouth.

Susant captured the live snake and released it in its natural habitat later.

Subhendu Mallik, founder of Snake Helpline said: "CannibalIsm is a common behaviour in cobras.”

“When snakes feel threatened they regurgitate their prey and try to make a quick getaway,” he added.