Coffee shop customers stunned as powerful storm smashes glass door in Thailand

Coffee shop customers were stunned when a powerful storm smashed a glass door.

Dozens of staff and guests were inside the store when gale force winds and heavy rain struck Nonthaburi, Thailand, yesterday (June 5).

The powerful gusts tore one of the glass entrance doors from the hinges and flung it to the ground sending shards of glass spraying across the wooden floor.

Shocked customers ran for cover while two staff battled to hold the remaining door in its place to prevent it from also smashing.

Outside the coffee shop, a security guard was seen struggling to stay on his feet before scrambling inside the store to take refuge.

Onlooker Porped Mandarin said: ''We had a front-row view of the powerful storm. The door smashed and the wind and rain were blowing inside the restaurant.

''It was a very sudden, intense storm. The strong winds passed quickly but it carried on raining for an hour.''

Sub-tropical Thailand and other countries in the region are experiencing unpredictable storms and rain after the onset of the monsoon rainy season which lasts from June until late September.