Coffee shop in Vietnam uses recycled materials to brew up business

These coffee shops in Vietnam brew up some business as well as some beans by using recycled materials as decoration, seen here on July 1.

Bicycle wheels and old plastic bottles are among the recycled items on decoration at a coffee shop in Hanoi. Discarded wheels, wheel parts and plastic items have been turned into interior decorations at a Hanoi shop.

95% of the decorative items on display in the coffee shop are recycled items. Bicycle wheels and old plastic bottles are key decorative items. All recycled items have been hand-made.

The coffee shop can be found in the Old Quarter of Hanoi and is located in a small alley.

Foreign tourists are surprised at seeing lights made from plastic bottles. The shop has a total of four floors. Many discarded plastic bottles have been used to decorate the ceiling, creating an eye-catching look. 1,000 plastic bottles containing coloured powder and water makes for an eye-catching spectacle.

The mural paintings on the wall leave a good impression on customers.

Nguyen Tho, the shop owner, said using the recycled items aims to raise people’s awareness of environmental protection.