Compilation Captures The Formation Of Frozen Wintry Bubbles

Are you the kind of person who enjoys fun DIY projects that allow you to feed your creative side and have some light hearted fun at the same time? If so, this video is for you! Here you can learn the process of making what we call “Frozen Bubbles.” This is a really simple process. It does not take much time, and it takes practically no money since there really aren’t any major or significant costs to complete this project, as many times as you want to do it! This would be of particular interest for stay at home moms or nannies who might need an activity to do with young children during the day. This project requires weather well under freezing though, if you are choosing to do this outside. That could be really useful for some of you parents out there though, because when there are days like that, sometimes children who are cooped up inside the house get a bit hyperactive and need an outlet to get that energy out. This project will engage their mind, while also allowing them to be outside in nature to help work some of that built up energy out and be released. The process of creating frozen bubbles is actually quite simple. First, mix water and dish soap. For the second step, add corn syrup and sugar. Then you are ready to go! Suit up to go outside—do this on a day when the temperature is below the freezing point. Be sure to wear a scarf or earmuffs, as well as gloves to make sure that all of your extremities are not exposed to the weather and temperature. Use a straw to carefully blow a bubble onto a frozen surface. You will see the crystallization process and the bubble freezing, so get your camera ready! These bubbles make for some really incredible, unique, and interesting photographs and videos! If you want to catch a really good photo, place your bubble in an area where the sun is shining behind it in your photo. Position the bubble between you and the clouds, or between you and the sun. Preferably, try this when the sun is either just coming up, or when it is starting to set. Snap a series of photos so that you can go through them later and pick your favorite. If you share those pictures with friends, you are certain to get a pretty significant response being that most people have never even heard of making frozen bubbles, much less seen pictures of them. Have fun with it! We don’t know any young child between ages 2-10 who would not absolutely love this little project! This is definitely one that they will be telling their friends about! If you want to be that cool mom whose house all your kids’ friends want to come to, then you are going to need some cool crafts and activities that are not typical so that you can hold the attention of all of those little tasmanian devils!