Couples get married in cow-drawn wooden carts to mark Valentine's Day

Twenty couples marked Valentine’s Day by getting married in traditional cow-drawn wooden carts in Thailand.

The brides and grooms, including one European man with his Thai partner, rode on the traditional farming carriages through the country roads in Phetchaburi, southern Thailand today (February 14).

Footage shows happy couples, wearing beautiful Thai costumes, performing traditional rituals at the Na Phrom temple of Na Phan Sam district.

Newlyweds also made Thai desserts - which represented the long and happy love life - and were blessed with holy water by their relatives, making the ceremony lively and warm.

The Thai man speaking in the video, Prasit Ruamsin, the Chief Executive of the Na Phan Sam district, said that this festival had been held for three years.

He said: “The culture of Thai wooden carts was a local wedding ceremony of our district. But it was about to be forgotten because new generations preferred a quick and easy modern ceremony.

“So we promoted this traditional ceremony as a big festival for local and non-local to participate and we hope that more people would recognise the beauty of Thai traditional wedding.”