Couples in Thailand have special underwater wedding ceremony

These couples started their married life beneath the waves to mark Valentine’s Day.

The nine brides and nine grooms dived 26 feet under the sea to attend a famous underwater wedding ceremony in Trang, southern Thailand today (February 13).

Footage shows the couples, wearing traditional white dresses and suits, making heart signs and blowing kisses while they float down to the ceremonial table at Hin Kon Diew, near Morakot cave.

Wedding registrars, who were all specialised in diving, performed the traditional Thai ceremony underwater, blessing the newlyweds with holy water and rose petals.

The marriage certificates were signed beneath the waves, with the couples then removing their breathing apparatus for the first kiss as newlyweds.

Thai groom Kittiphan Satidphutsombat, 30, and his bride Nednapit Laopratumwirod, 28, said that they were very excited and honoured to be a part of the unique wedding.

Kittiphan said: ''We are both sea lovers, so we decided to join the ceremony. We went diving here before but this time was a whole new feeling.’’

The annual well-renowned festival is a three-day Valentine's Day celebration. Newly wedding couples will participate in Buddhist activities for luck and blessings on the day of love.

In 1996, the event was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the biggest underwater wedding in the world.