Crash bang wallop! Runaway lorry ploughs through street in Worcester

A cyclist was approaching a turning on a residential backroad in Worcester on August 3, and caught a runaway truck ploughing through a brick wall on the street.

Helmet camera footage shows the truck smash side-on into a brick wall in a residential area before running into a parked car.

The area was luckily empty of people walking by, but the filmer observed: "It was about 7:30 am, and luckily it was during the school holiday, as there are usually many children walking along that stretch of road.

"I was also quite lucky as I would have gone out onto that stretch and turned right, into the path of the lorry."

The filmer also claimed: "I later learnt that the driver had got out and that it had somehow rolled off and crossed a busy road on the way down the hill, before it hit the walls and the parked cars."