Crocodile rescuers surprised when massive reptile lashes out during recovery

A group of rescuers were caught by surprise when a crocodile they were recovering lashed out during their operations in flood-hit western India.

The incident took place on August 19 at Etola village in Gujarat state's Vadodara city.

The nearly 11-foot-long crocodile entered a house in the village on August 18, creating panic among residents in the area.

Forest officials came to the village later that night and caught the crocodile.

Video shows the big reptile attacking one of the forest officials during the rescue operation.

A few officials can be seen sitting on its body, trying to pacify the attacking beast.

According to reports, the crocodile came out from the overflowing Dhadhar river after its water increased following heavy rains.

Vadodara along with many other cities in Gujarat witnessed heavy rainfall over the past few days, which has caused many crocodiles to travel into populated areas.