Crow seen eating a plastic bag after mistaking it for meat

This is the heartbreaking moment a crow was seen eating a plastic bag after mistaking it for a piece of meat.

The bird picked up the piece of rubbish from the ground then perched on an electricity box in Bangkok, Thailand, on Wednesday (21 August) afternoon.

Passersby Nutvadee Supradit, 23, was stuck in traffic on a public bus when she noticed the bird had an empty plastic bag in its mouth.

The hungry black crow appeared to have smelled food from the plastic bag and mistook it for a piece of meat. It then started tearing the plastic into small pieces and swallowing them, wrongly believing them to be edible.

Tragically, the bird is likely to die in within a few days with the plastic blocking its stomach.

Nutvadee, a student, said that she was sad that she could not get off the bus to stop the innocent bird from eating the plastic bag.

She explained that she was already far away from the bird and had tried to scare it away by calling out, but it did not move. The bus she was riding on had open-air windows without glass.

Nutvadee said: ''There is a lot of news about wild animals dying from plastic pollution every day. But it was more shocking to see it with my own eyes.

''I could not get off the bus and I had already tried to call out to the bird but it still carried on eating the bag.

''What else could I do? Throw something at it? That's unkind and I think the crow would have picked up the plastic again.

''I feel so sorry for those animals that die from plastic that humans have left lying around.''