Crowds cheer on man running around course after storm cancels horse racing at Lonestar Park, Texas

Crowds at Lonestar Park, Texas, cheered on a brave young man who ran around a course after a horse racing was cancelled due to bad weather.

The man can be seen jogging through the muddy racetrack towards the finish line to a loud chorus of cheers from the onlooking spectators.

Brian, who filmed this video on May 18, told Newsflare: "Suddenly we saw a young man appear near the track. He takes off his shoes and pants then steps on to the track itself. This immediately catches everyone’s attention. The crowd went wild.

"This also caught the attention of security and police. As soon as they tried to approach he took off and we went wild.

"The kid made impressive time with his mile in the thick mud. Probably still broke eight minutes. The entire run he knew what was waiting on him at the finish line [the police], but he was met with cheers and encouragement from everyone else!"