Crowds in China gather to buy traditional pastries for 'Little New Year' festival

Crowds gathered at Chinese bakeries en masse yesterday (January 29) to buy traditional pastries for the Xiao Nian Festival in eastern China’s Huai’an City.

The video shows lots of people waiting in front of a shop to buy Tang Bing, which is a kind of sweet bun with sugar inside, for Xiao Nian, or "Little New Year" Festival.

Xiao Nian falls on the 23rd (or 24th) of the 12th Chinese lunar month, which this year refers to January 28 (or 29). The exact meaning and date of Xiao Nian do vary in different cities based on their own custom. People normally stick couplets on their doors, clean dust and worship the Kitchen God.

According to the filmer, although the price of the sweet buns increased, the pastry shop was still busy.