Cruise ship in Caribbean gets pounded by Hurricane Michael

A cruise ship bound for Havana was caught up in the wake of Hurricane Michael, being battered by surging rainstorms and high wind just south of Cuba.

The footage, which was captured last night (October 8) by passenger Snapper Tams, displays the adverse weather conditions in their full intensity.

The vessel is hit by relentless rain and lightning with what the filmer describes as "fifteen-foot swells".

The tropical storm has already hit many parts of Central America but is expected to intensify as it approaches the US

It is predicted that the category three storm will make landfall on the Florida Panhandle by Wednesday afternoon.

In light of this, many natives of the "Sunshine State" have acted upon evacuation efforts and prepared for the worst.

Tams writes: "The rough seas have relegated many passengers to the confines of their cabins, fearful of straying too far from a restroom."

He later added: "Doors are swinging open and shut, sometimes violently. Unoccupied chairs are strewn across the decks. The pool has been drained since yesterday morning and the whole top deck closed."