Cuckoo freed after spending all morning trapped inside 250ft high tower crane

This is the heartwarming moment a cuckoo was rescued after spending several hours stuck at the top of a 250ft high tower crane.

Construction worker Chaiwat Phimkeeree, 45, had finished his shift when he noticed the bird flapping around unable to escape.

Chaiwat negotiated the dizzying heights and narrow space to carefully grab hold of the Asian koel bird in Saraburi, central Thailand.

The female cuckoo was seen hitting the closed window several times while trying to leave.

The bird continued to fly against the window as Chaiwat moved closer and tried to catch her with his bare hands.

He spent more than 10 minutes trying to calm the bird down in his hand before he pulled the window up and released her in the air.

The generous officer, who says he is a bird lover, said: ''The bird might accidentally fly into the control room or she might come in to look for food. I think she had been there for a few hours at least.''

The wild Asian koel is in demand as a pet in Asia because of its beautiful voice, but Chaiwat chose to return her into the wild saying that she would sing more beautifully in the woods.

He added: ''When people hear the koel sing, they often like to catch it and keep it for themselves which makes this kind of birds decline in their natural habitat.

''But for me, these birds have a sad voice when they’re trapped in the cage. I prefer hearing them in the wild, their voices are more refreshing and lively.''