Cute little puppy shows off adorable mustache

A mother dog and all her puppies, including this one with a mustache, are out of the shelter and settled in their Texas foster home!

Credit: @heartsandbonesrescue (Instagram)

Please, donate to help fund the medical care for Dolly and her family, and enable us to save more shelter dogs like her! We've received over 100 adoption applications for Dolly and are no longer taking applications, but her siblings and mama are still available in the NYC and Dallas, TX areas. We hope that Dolly's popularity across the country will encourage more people to support their local shelters and rescue groups, whether by adopting, fostering, donating or volunteering. Millions of dogs like Dolly enter America's shelters every year, and there are so many wonderful animals waiting to find a loving forever family.

Hearts & Bones Rescue overall: we’re a 501(c)3 foster-based dog rescue with teams in both Dallas, TX and New York City. We rescue the majority of our dogs from the Dallas area, working with overcrowded shelters that sometimes take in over 100 animals in a single day, helping to save as many lives as we can. Once our dogs leave the shelter, we send them to foster homes in the Dallas area for a couple of weeks to ensure they’re healthy, and then transport them to NYC, where the number of people wanting to adopt dogs is incredibly high! All the pups live with amazing fosters throughout the NYC area who open their homes and hearts to our dogs until they meet their forever families. Fostering is an incredible way for people to help save lives, and we encourage anyone interested to apply to become a foster on our website.

The video was taken outside Dallas Animal Services, the shelter with the 3rd highest animal intake rate in the country - often over 100 animals a day. We rescue most of our dogs from them, and they took Dolly and her family in as strays about 2 weeks before we rescued them. Puppies in particular are at a very high risk of getting sick in the shelter environment, so when we met the family we knew we had to get them out. We were only able to do that because we had a foster willing to take in the whole family - that's how important fosters are to saving lives!