Cute moment tiny leopard cub tries - and fails - to let out a mighty roar

This is the moment a tiny leopard cub in India tried to ward off local workers by growling fiercely, only to let out barely a whimper.

Workers in India saw something rustling inside a bush on a coffee estate near the town of Sakleshpur in the country's south on October 30.

Thinking it was a snake, they approached it cautiously.

Instead, they found two leopard cubs, just three-months-old.

While one of the cubs continued to sleep, its sibling decided to put up a fight.

It tried to growl menacingly, wrinkling its nose and exposing its barely-there teeth - though no sound came out of its mouth.

Fearing the mother could be nearby, the workers retreated and informed the forestry department in this Western Ghats mountain range, which lies in India’s Karnataka state.

But before officials could arrive, the mother leopard came and carried away her cubs.