Cute Tot isn't Letting Playtime with Dad End any time Soon!

Toddlers are such incredible little beings! They bring nothing but joy to our lives, that’s for sure! However, we can all agree that handling a toddler takes a lot of energy and effort. And the little girl from this video is definitely not an exception to this rule! You absolutely have to check out her funny adventures! As the clip begins, you can see a little girl and her dad standing on a porch. You can tell that her dad would really like to get into the house, but the little girl won’t even let him open the house door. She really wants to stay outside and her dad should stay with her. Is that too much to ask? Each time her dad tries to open the door to enter the house, she protests by closing the door immediately. LOL! This little girl really knows what she wants she wants! She’s the boss here, and her dad has to listen to her! LOL! So hilarious!