Cutest Baby Reaction to a Dog Playing Fetch

Dogs are such funny creatures and there’s no wonder why even babies love them so much! This adorable video proves that dogs are not only a man’s best friend, they are a baby’s best buddy as well! Prepare to have your heart melted! As the video begins, you can see an adorable baby boy and a cute pooch having the best time playing at home. The doggy is playing fetch with a small rope, and the baby boy couldn't be more excited about it! Each time the dog fetches his toy the baby boy burst into the most precious giggles in the world! There’s not an activity thrilling activity as thrilling as watching a pooch playing fetch according to this little boy! His giggles are so contagious, I can't help but laugh along! Dogs and babies together - can it get cuter than that? This video is so adorable, I just can’t stop watching it over and over again!