Cyclist Saves a Sweet Puppy

Occurred on January 26, 2019 / Bell Ville, Cordoba, Argentina

Info from Licensor: "I went out, like every day, to do my bike training routine without knowing that that morning would save the life of a little dog. I was on a dirt road when he saw something moving between the bushes. I didn't give it much of a thought and went on my way. Then I thought better of it and went back. The little dog had already left the pastures and ran towards him wagging its tail. She had been abandoned far from the city. The little dog as soon as she saw me was happy to have been found I, an animal lover, could not refuse her. I put her on the bicycle and, as best I could, drove her home.

As soon as I got home, I took her to the vet for a check-up. A few days later, the puppy found a home where they give her all the love she deserves. They called her Juanita and she is very happy."