Cyclist Swerves All Over Road Before Toppling Over

Occurred on September 22, 2017 / Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA

Info from Licensor: "After witnessing a lot of road rage on the roads, I decided to install a dashcam in my car. On this particular day, I had taken my small kids to school. As I had pulled out onto the road, I noticed cars passing this guy and him getting dangerously close to them. He was swerving all over the road. I decided to stay behind him and call the police as it was a highly congested road at this time of day. When he fell, it was urine that you see puddled on the road. He had no bottles. As I was on the phone with the police, he turned off the road and went down a dirt trail into the woods. I let the police know where he turned off and I drove on. I'm not sure what happened to him after that."