Cyclone Vayu blows away heavy water tanks like balloons

Winds preceding super severe Cyclone Vayu blew away hundreds of heavy water tanks on June 12 in Dhule in western India.

The water tanks made of tough polymer and weighing up to 200 kg were tossed around like balloons by the heavy winds.

The incident occurred at a company yard owned by Maharashtra Industrial Area Corporation (MIDC). Company officials sent a team of workers to take of the stock, who watched the nature’s fury helplessly and took refuge to save themselves from injury.

''Even the trucks were dragged for several feet by the cyclone,'' said an official.

Meteorologists had expected Vayu to land on Indian western coast on July 13, accompanied by top wind speeds of up to 180 km/hr. Officials had evacuated three hundred thousand people from towns and villages on the path of the cyclone.

But overnight Vayu changed its course and deflected back to the sea moving away from the coast.