Dad Discovers Daughter Covered in Chocolate

Occurred on December, 2016 / Neenah, Wisconsin, USA

Info from Licensor: "On a cold winter day, my daughter Scarlett and I went on a van ride to look for a dog that was lost in our neighborhood. We rode along for a long time in the van, so I decided to bring out some 'Goodness Knows' bars, which are her favorite. I handed one back to her and she became very quiet. A little too quiet. I was concentrating on looking for the dog, so I didn't notice the shenanigans that were happening behind me. All of a sudden I heard this little belly-giggle, which you can hear in the video, and I looked in the rear mirror. I saw Scarlett wearing what I can best describe as a chocolate Braveheart mask and laughing. Her little white teeth poking through the dark color of the chocolate. I immediately pulled the van over to check out the damage. Not only was the chocolate on her face, but it was all over her hands and her clothes. She was covered. I wasn't mad at all. I was just laughing because she pulls this stuff all the time. She is insatiably curious and always experimenting. We have a hard time keeping up with her expanding imagination and it's exhausting being her parent! We love every second of it, though, because she is incredibly smart, empathetic and colorful. Rather than try to clean her up on the spot, I decided to take her to a place where we could wash up. We rode around with her face in a chocolate mask for the next 20 minutes until I could get to a restaurant to wipe her off. I took a whole bunch of napkins from inside and came out to remove the chocolate. Scarlett gave me a run for my money that day, and she continues to do so. It's always a race to keep up with her."