Dad rescues four-year-old daughter with head stuck in railings

A father had to carefully free his daughter after her head was stuck between a wooden handrail and metal railings.

Hamil Ismail took four-year-old Naurah for a day out shopping at the mall in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, last Saturday (August 24) night.

But while she was waiting, the youngster began playing by poking her head through the narrow gap.

She then burst into tears after realising she could not get out again.

Footage shows how the father had to carefully turn his clumsy daughter's head to the side so she could drop back through the small space.

Hamil said: "I always hear about these accidents, but when it came to my kid it was quite funny.

''Luckily my daughter was not hurt and it was very easy to get her out of the jam.''