Dangerous flooding on Toronto beaches if Lake Ontario water levels continue to rise

Beaches in Toronto remain on a shoeline hazard warning as water levels in Lake Ontario continue to rise.

The levels on May 22 are getting dangerously close to those in 2017 which caused floods that ravaged the Toronto Islands for months.

The Toronto Region Conservation Authority warned: “Whether or not the 2017 levels will be exceeded this year, will depend on precipitation in the coming weeks.”

Trails and boardwalks are likely to be closed sparking fears of erosion and shortened beaches if water levels keep rising through late May into mid-June.

In 2017 Lake Ontario's water level reached a peak of 75.93 meters and currently the level is at 75.74 meters according to the conservation authority.

The footage shows high water levels around the Toronto beach regions. There is also extensive localised ponding all over the beaches. People wade through the unnaturally high water in rolled up jeans while carrying their shoes.