Daredevils run down Cooper's Hill for Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling race, UK

Daredevils throw themselves down Cooper's Hill for the annual Cheese Rolling Race sustaining multiple injuries in Brockworth, Gloucestershire on May 27.

Some individuals were tended to by emergency service personnel as they lay on the steep grassy hill. Even the winners each race, holding the coveted cheese-wheel, complained about injuries during press interviews afterwards.

One female winner, who had won the wacky race four times before, claimed she was retiring now as she limped off with an ankle injury.

These brave competitors take part in the bizarre race, dating back to the 19th Century, to be the first person at the bottom the steep incline in order to win a large wheel of cheese.

Each race starts when the cheese is released in front of the competitors and begins to bounce down the divot-covered hill.

Mimicking the cheese, many of the bodies chasing it end up bouncing down the hill as well.

The filmer captures multiple races as these brave competitors launch themselves off the precipice of this steep incline.

The footage also shows a highly exuberant Canadian man, 21, who won the race for the first time after hearing about it when he was 13. He whooped and hollered relentlessly while being interviewed by press before being moved on by race stewards.