Daring Decent on Snowboard

Occurred on May 26, 2019 / Alta, Utah, USA

Info from Licensor: "This video was shot on a snowboarding/skiing line called 'The Ribbon'. It's a prominent ribbon of snow across the face of the peak called 'The Devil's Castle'. It's a 15 ft wide band of steep 45-55 degree snow above a 500+ foot cliff. Only a handful of ski mountaineers have completed the line and this is being dubbed as the 'first snowboard descent'. It is a climbing style snowboard line where you use climbing gear and a rope to protect in case of a fall. As you get more than 15ft away from your protection a fall would mean you would pendulum over the cliff and the rope would likely cut on sharp rocks below and you would fall the 500 feet to your death. This style of snowboarding and climbing is what I do professionally so falling wasn't an option and completely in my realm of ability. This line is highlighted in the popular Salt Lake City area guidebook 'The Chuting Gallery' aka the areas 90 steepest and hardest ski descents."