Daring scooter rider attempts blindfolded wheelie world record in Austria

This daredevil from Austria attempts to break the blindfolded wheelie world record whilst on a one-wheeled scooter.

Filmed on June 16, the stunt included slaloming through cones placed on an airstrip in Laakirchen all while blindfolded.

G√ľnter Schachermayr, on his 18th world record attempt, had a black sack pulled over his head to make sure he couldn't see and had his friend Matthias Bachner guiding him.

Bachner was communicating to the daredevil through a radio which was fitted on Schachermayr before the stunt began.

Towards the end of the course, Schachermayr lost control of the scooter and clipped one the cones seeing him fall to the ground.

"I finally ran out of air under the black sack and completely lost my concentration," Schachermayr added.