Dashcam catches hood flying up on own car on Illinois highway

This Illinois driver can count himself lucky after his car's hood flew up cracking the windscreen, leaving him unable to see, and knocking down his dashcam which caught the whole thing.

Travelling north towards Chicago on the I-57 on March 7, the filmer recalls his reaction: "I was shocked and surprised but for some reason, I didn't panic and swerve or stop immediately. I drove about another mile and a half until I saw an exit with my emergency lights on.

"There was a little gap at the bottom from which I could see but I had to lean down low to see with my head turned sideways. I didn't want to pull over into the emergency lane because it was dark outside and semi-trucks flying."

The driver said he took extra precautions before driving again: "This was the first time this has happened. I went to the mechanic to get my hood fixed and I also make sure my hood is locked before driving on the highway. I have also taped my hood just to be extra cautious because I have been paranoid."