Debris from tornado hits power lines, panics onlookers in Indonesia

This is the frightening moment sparks flew as debris thrown by a tornado storm hit power lines in Indonesia's West Sumatra.

Eyewitness video filmed by local citizen Fadli Yahya in the village of Gadut, Agam district, at 2:45pm on Monday (July 8) shows roof panels being stripped off of roadside buildings and into overhead power lines, causing explosions and sending onlookers running for shelter. Coconut trees sway viciously in the wind.

Fadli's father Agus said: "I was standing in front of the shop, the wind was [coming] and blew the roof of the Sanjai Aisyah shop, the roof struck the electric cable, exploded, then went towards PKBM school. The roof flew up again and then exploded again."

Additional footage is seen of the tornado when it scattered debris and damaged several homes as well as shops and schools with missing roofs.

According to local media, a tornado that occurred shortly before heavy rain was confirmed, causing significant damage to six buildings.

Until Monday night, residents still try finding and collect roofs strewn several kilometers away by strong winds.

To avoid the rain, some other building owners have replaced the damaged roof and covered it with tarps.

Strong winds also cut off the power cord.

There were no injuries reported but significant financial losses, according to reports.