Dedicated teachers cross damaged bridge to reach school in Philippines

These teachers have the world's most perilous commute tip-toeing across a rickety rope bridge hanging above a raging river.

Staff at the Baja Elementary School in Calbayog, Philippines, have to cross the fast-flowing muddy river every day to reach school.

Footage captured on January 5 shows how teachers have to hold their papers under one arm while inching their way across the tatty old bridge made from rope, wire and wood.

While last month during Typhoon Usman, the water level had become so high, that half the walkway was submerged. The teachers had to wade through the river while risking getting swept away to almost certain death.

Primary school teacher Maria Guibao said: ''This is what we experience during our journey to school. It's much worse when there is heavy rain.

''The hazard is real. We put our lives at stake every day to educate the youth. I think that we deserve more support from the government.

''They could at least build us a new bridge that's safe to cross. The videos are enough evidence that they should do that or give us a pay rise.''