Destination heaven: Plane flies through layers of clouds in serene sunset

This was the serene moment a traveller caught a heavenly landscape as their flight cruised through layers of clouds while the sunset beamed in between.

Recorded in the air near Seattle the filmer was astonished, to say the least.

They explained: "It was serene, it was like this is so beautiful that it can’t be an accident.

"It can’t be an accident that an organism evolved to form eyes that can see specifically between these wavelengths of light that create this insanely beautiful picture show in the sky.

"And with my random animal DNA, I somehow find this to be the most beautiful image I’ve ever seen.

"Not the image of a mate sitting in front of food, water and shelter, just a bunch of vapour clouds refracting light from a big fireball. So nice."

The footage was captured on April 11.