Determined Dog Trudges Through Deep Powder

Occurred on February 16, 2019 / Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

Info from Licensor: "Sakorra, Korra as we call her, was born in North Pole Alaska and has been with us since she was a puppy. She is 50% Alaskan Malamute and 50% Siberian Husky. She is almost 2 years old. Both her parents are purebred. She lives in North Pole, Alaska and is fed a 100% raw meat diet. This video was taken February 16th, 2019 on Moose Mountain in Goldstream, Alaska during one of her every day walks. She’s walked off leash and knows over 10 verbal commands and 7 hand signals. She followed me down into a gravel pit filled with deep loose powder snow and her human dad started howling like a wolf over the top of the hill out of her sight, just to see what she would do. As soon as he started howling, she became frantic to return to him and made it clear that she would do anything to get to him, including scale a snowy hill through deep powder. She made it to the top despite me trying to encourage her to try another way!"