Determined duck retrieves boy's shoe and gives it back to him

This is the heartwarming moment a determined duck retrieved a boy's flip-flop and handed it back to him.

The youngster was playing in a field when his shoe dropped down the small slope in a remote village in Quezon Province, the Philippines on August 15.

Instead of clambering down through the mud, he watched as the white duck picked up his white rubber footwear.

In the video, the determined duck drops the left flip-flop three times but keeps picking it back up in its beak while waddling up the bank.

The duck finally reaches to the top and hands back the slipper to the relieved boy.

Onlooker Myla Aguila said she was walking around the mountainous Sitio Madaguldol village when she noticed the endearing scene.

She said: "I asked around, and people told me that the duck is not owned by the boy. But they come from that same small village so they must be friends.

''I thought it was very sweet the way the duck kept picking up the shoe and giving it back to him.''

The smart duck in the video is a Philippines duck, which is usually raised for commercial purposes, mainly because of their eggs.