Determined squirrel spends 20 minutes chewing through a bin in a Virginia backyard

Home security footage captures the extreme efforts a squirrel went to gain access to a bin in a Virginia backyard.

The sped up footage from July 26 shows the persistent squirrel chewing at the lid of the bin for around 20 minutes before finally gaining access to its contents.

Melissa, whose security camera managed to capture this, told Newsflare: "My husband and I kept getting alerts on our phones indicating that our Ring Floodlight was detecting motion in our backyard.

"When we finally looked, we saw this determined little squirrel chewing away at our outdoor garbage can lid to get to its contents.

"He spent more than 20 minutes chewing away at plastic bits before finally gaining access to the contents of the garbage can!

"I happened to look at the footage for a different motion alert from our back yard and noticed that there was trash on the ground next to our garbage can.

"It was then that I went back and watched all the clips of the squirrel from the previous day and saw that he had, in fact, successfully chewed through our garbage can.

"I don't think he has returned. We called the garbage can a complete loss and tossed it in the next garbage pickup day."