Disabled dog playing fetch won’t let his wheelchair slow him down

Mac the rescue dog has a spinal injury that keeps him wheelchair-bound, but this doesn’t stop him whizzing around playing fetch.

The footage, filmed in Colorado on November 13, shows Mac playing fetch with his favourite toy, skidding on the floor before dropping the toy at his owner's feet again.

“Mac is a little rescue dog who enjoys life to the fullest, he’s a happy dog who’s having physical therapy twice a week and will someday walk again,” says Sherrie Levick, his owner.

Mac was found abandoned in Las Vegas after allegedly being hit by a car, from there he was taken to Colorado to be euthanised until a woman rescued him from the shelter and took him to a dog rescue centre.

Sherrie Levick then adopted Mac from the dog centre, organised physical therapy for him twice a week, and is helping his legs get stronger so that one day he won’t need the wheelchair.