Disabled stray dog can finally walk again thanks to kind policemen who made her a wheelchair

A stray dog left disabled after being hit by a car can finally move again thanks to kind policemen who made her a DIY wheelchair.

The brown Aspin pooch had been dragging herself around the streets in Bukidnon province, the Philippines, for several months.

She had lost the use of both her hind legs after being knocked over and left for dead by a hit and run driver in Kalilangan town.

But kind-hearted Police Captain Patrick Dela Cruz Castro of the Kalilangan Municipal Police noticed the dog when it wandered in front of their station on July 2.

Police Captain Castro, took the struggling dog in and nicknamed her "Tiger", because of the distinctive stripes on her fur.

The policeman, with the help of other officers, built Tiger a wheelchair using water pipes, rubber bands, and old wheels taken from a broken baby stroller.

Tiger, who used to drag her hind legs when moving, can now run around the place with other dogs that live in the grounds of the station.

Kalilangan Police chief of community relations officer Jannin Aguilar said: ''No Act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

''With only pieces of PVC water pipes, a couple of rubber bands, wheels from a damaged stroller and a random act of kindness, this stray dog has been given a second chance in running.

''Tiger can now run and play with the other dogs that stay in the police compound.

''The improvised wheelchair helps the dog not only physically but also psychologically. Tiger is no longer incapacitated.

"Other stray dogs have been going to our compound because they are given food. We also let them sleep inside since it is safer than wandering along the highway."