Disastrous moment tropical storm in Thailand destroys couple's dream outdoor wedding

This is the disastrous moment an unexpected tropical storm ruined a couple’s dream wedding.

Bride Wilasinee Inkham, 28, and her groom Rungthiwa Nuerna, 34, had been organising the wedding for over a year - spending the equivalent of thousands of pounds on the outdoor ceremony and reception.

But a heavy rainstorm appeared without warning over the town in Sisaket, northeastern Thailand, and wiped out the elaborate stage and decorations four hours before the ceremony started.

Footage from the big day (March 23) shows how the scene - including the stage, the backdrops, the lighting, and the sound system - were all destroyed by the gale force winds and monsoon downpour.

Bride Wilasinee and groom Rungthiwa were devastated to see the destruction and almost called off their well-planned wedding.

But the wedding planner KruGift Somsri was determined there would be a happy ending and did not give up. Her team waited for the storm to pass for two hours before they started cleaning and reorganising the entire area.

Experienced organisers managed to fix the scene and staged the beautiful wedding at night time instead, which brought tears of joy to the relieved bride and groom.

The groom Rungthiwa said that he was sure the wedding would have to be postponed after it was ruined by the weather.

He said: ''We had given up but the team insisted we proceed the event even though there was so little time to fix everything. We were truly surprised when we first saw the complete scene. Though some decorations could not be replaced, it was still an impressive wedding.