Diseased dog in Florida won’t let go of her adopters after they sign the papers

This is the heartwarming moment the shelter pup named Fish wouldn’t let go of her new parents after they signed the adoption papers.

The clip filmed in Hillsborough County, Florida shows the pup (@fishypup on Instagram) clinging onto her new dad when filmer Madison and her boyfriend went to visit the shelter.

“We went to the shelter just to 'look' and found this poor puppy who was completely hairless and covered in scabs from head to paw. She was curled up tightly and looked so scared.

“We approached the gate and she slowly got up and wiggles her way to us and greeted us with so much affection through the kennel door.

"We took her out and she clung tightly to our legs and wouldn’t let go of us at all. She particularly liked my boyfriend and refused to let go of him even when he was trying to move her away from his face!

“We knew in an instant that this dog needed us so we gladly signed the paperwork at Pet Resource Center in Tampa, Florida and named her Fish,” the filmer Madison told Newsflare.

This footage was filmed on July 21.