Disoriented Man Walks Onto Stranger's Property

Occurred on May 18, 2019 / Texas City, Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: "This is my home surveillance camera. My son and his friend were playing baseball in the front yard. There’s a net off the camera you can’t see, so the balls were going in the net. The guy randomly stopped in front of our house and walked up like he was going to go after the boys, then went in our garage. He was very drunk and had no idea what he was doing. He was trying to light a cigarette on our fan in our garage. He scared the boys so bad. My son in the green automatically knows something isn’t right. He hides behind the car, where he can see the guy but the guy can’t see him. When the guy steps out you can see him take a deep breath like 'Oh crap this is real.' He steps back two steps and then bolts. The other boy is on my son's baseball team. They both play baseball and they had just won two games that morning and had the champion games the next day. They were hitting balls to practice. My husband comes out and asks him what he wanted. He ignored my husband. He was lighting or trying to light his cigarette on the fan in our garage. My husband said that’s not how you do it. Then he tells him he will get him a lighter as he walks him off the property. He tried to get in my car. He says it was his car. My husband says no, then picks up a baseball in case the guy tries anything on him and tosses my son's friend his cell. I’m inside calling 911 already. This guy almost hit a lady prior to arriving at my house. He also hit two cars, so the police were looking for him. Police showed up five minutes after he left and within ten minutes, he was arrested. The guy is in jail still but only for coming on our property. No DUI, DWI or hit and run yet. He lives two blocks from us."