Distressed Toddler has Fingers Freed by Rescue Workers

Occurred on 1/12/2022 / Overland, Missouri, USA

Info from Licensor: I was making lunch and my 15-month-old son was playing in the hallway next to me. I look over to hear him cry “mamma, mommy...” I knew something was wrong. I go over to find his finger stuck! Not only stuck but in between my baseboard and hardwood floor of my 1950s home! My first instinct was to pull it out or try to wiggle it, but he screamed and I heard his finger pop! I then FaceTimed my husband who was at work. He told me to get some tools and try to lift it up and get it out. I tried but there wasn’t enough room between my son's head and the wall for me to confidently do this. He was panicking, I was panicking. I called 911 immediately and explained the situation. I comforted him until they got there and pulled out my phone to show my husband how they got his finger out. It took less than one minute, and they had his finger free! He is using his fingers and acting like a happy baby!