Diver frees bat ray hooked to fishing line in southern California

A diver rescued a bat ray hooked to fishing line in the coast of southern California.

Footage captured on June 13 shows the diver using a knife to cut the bat ray, a species common in the western American coasts, free from the fishing line off a pier in Goleta.

The manta then swims away.

The filmer told Newsflare: ''We were diving off the Goleta Pier to take photos my buddy and I came across a bat ray resting at the base of a piling. When we got closer we noticed it was hooked to some fishing line that was tangled up on the pier.

''After checking it wasn't hooked onto an active fisherman’s line we worked on freeing it.

''My buddy was not too keen on touching a bat ray with a poisonous barbed tail so I got hold of the line and carefully cut it as close to the mouth as possible.

''I tried to see if I could get the hook out but it was too deep in the mouth and I ain’t losing a finger. Once it was free I tuned it right side up and off it swam.

''I enjoy diving off of man-made structures, but it's sad sometimes to see the rubbish that litters the seafloor from above. I keep finding golf balls for some reason.

''We need alternatives to fishing line, as it is easily cast and forgotten but remains under still longer than it needs to.''