Diver rescues tiny fish stuck inside plastic bag

This is the heartwarming moment a scuba diver saved a tiny fish that had got stuck inside a plastic bag.

Nat Senmuang was diving with friends when she noticed the little fish barely breathing inside the plastic pollution in Phuket, southern Thailand on February 14.

Without intervention, the fish would almost certainly have suffocated and drowned.

Head-cam footage shows how the caring scuba teacher picked the bag from the seabed and shook it to rouse the fish.

The fish eventually found a way to escape through a hole in the plastic bag and swam free.

The diver showed the plastic package while her colleague did a thumbs-down gesture.

The touching rescue highlights the devastating effect that plastic is having on marine life in the world’s oceans.

Nat said that she had seen a lot of sea creatures were affected and killed by plastic pollutions while she went diving in the Andaman ocean.

She said: ''As a local, I have seen an increasing in pollution and litter has become very dangerous for many lives in the ocean.

‘’I want everyone to be more considerate of other creatures just by putting their trash in the bin, not scattering rubbish around the beach.''

''Those beautiful creatures soon will be extinct because of us, unless we change our ways.''