DIY Slip and Slides | Funny Fails Compilation

Do it yourself, or DIY, is just about the best phrase there is. You don’t need to rely on anything to get whatever you need done, you can just DO IT YOURSELF! Now that the weather is starting to warm and we can spend more of our days outside again, what is a better thing to DIY than SLIPS AND SLIDES?! All you have to do is lay out a tarp on a downward-sloping hill, pour water and maybe some soap to make it slippery and you’re GOOD TO GO! Check out our latest video today and BE SURE TO SHARE THIS WITH ALL OF YOUR PEOPLE!\n\nWhat’s your favorite clip in today’s compilation? Is it the guy who SLIPS AND FALLS at 1:35? Is it at 1:57 when the lady says OH THIS CAN’T BE GOOD?!