Dog's First Time Ever Seeing Himself in a Mirror

Occurred on February 19, 2020 / Waco, Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: "I adopted both of my dogs, Mars, and Moony, from the shelter last week. Mars is 2 years old and is the father of 9mo old Moony, the dog in the video. I decided to bring the dogs over to my friend, Sam’s, house to play with his puppy. This is when Moony saw himself in the mirror and began to freak out in the hilarious way shown in the video. I only wish we had managed to record when he first saw himself and made the most ridiculously adorable face of confusion. We had to hold our breaths so that we could stifle our laughter for the video. Moony is 75% Red Golden Retriever, and 25% yellow lab. His dad, Mars, is 50% of both. Mars is the cuddly one, while Moony is the goofy one."