Dog Can't Even Deal with Leash

When you walk a dog, you have to put it on the leash, right? Some dogs are okay with that but some, like the dog from our video are fighting the power! Check out this hilarious dog who’s is trying to free himself from the leash. He jumps as much as he can, he rotates mid-air, but nothing helps. The leash just won’t fall off. Poor doggy! \nThe dogs usually hate the leash when they aren’t trained. Lack of training is the number one reason dogs pull on the leash. Or jumping around as wacky as the one from our video. Walking on a loose leash is not a natural behavior for dogs, it is a learned behavior. If the owner of our video wants her doggo to learn this behavior, she must teach it to him! And dogs are smart! With good tips and trips, any dog will easily learn to calmly walk on the leash. However, we are happy that we got to see this hilarious attempt of dog walking. Just priceless!