Dog doesn't want to Share Pillow with Cat Brother

It’s not a secret that cats and dogs have a reputation for being the worst of enemies. However, we’ve all seen so many examples of cats and dogs actually being great companions to each other. Either way, if funny interactions between cats and dog amuse you, you’ll surely love this video! You are in for a treat! As the clip begins, you can see a cat and a dog goofing around the house. The cat probably decided to take a rest, so that’s why he sat on a cushion in a corner. It’s just too bad that the exact cushion caught the dog’s attention as well. This funny pup bites onto the cushion and pulls it from under the cat. LOL! And the hilarious part is the fact that the cat just can’t be bothered by that at all! How funny is this case of rivalry between a feline and a canine? Totally priceless!