Dog LOVES giving his Owner Kisses

Get ready for the most adorable slobber kisses ever! This little adorable dog loves his human parent and has no problem showing it! Not even for the camera. \n\nThis cute dog is enjoying a peaceful night in this warm home on a Christmas evening. Everyone is relaxing, and he found the perfect place for him. Right on his owner's belly. But, the owner doesn't seem to mind. The video clearly shows how much they love each other, so there is no reason why he would mind enjoying the beautiful evening next to his best friend. The best part of the night must be the moment when the adorable dog starts giving slobber kisses to his owner. How precious! \n\nWe all know that you don't need to have a special reason to show affection to a loved one. It can be a hug while making dinner or a wonderful kiss while watching your favorite show. Either way, it is very appreciated. And this one chose this adorable moment to show how much he loves his owner. These slobber kisses are the most adorable kisses ever! How cute.