Dog plays dead to avoid the shower

This is the adorable moment a dog plays dead - so he doesn't have to go in the shower.

The one-year-old Bang Kaew, named Nguang, was at home when his owner tried to lift him into the bathroom.

But the crafty pooch simply let his body go limp and his head flopped to sideways.

Owner, Nong Kanokwan, filmed her partner struggling with the dog in Chachoengsao, eastern Thailand on May 7.

She said: ''Our dog is very smart and a very good actor. A lot of people thought he was unconscious in the video. But he was pretending to be dead because he knew it was shower time.''

The couple eventually managed to lift their pet into the bathroom where they shampooed his white fur.

The Thai Bangkaew Dog is a popular Asian dog breed and is often compared to a husky.