Dog refuses to flee, becomes easy meal to leopard in northwestern Indian village

A dog that refused to heed the danger fell prey for a leopard.

Residents of Nakoda Nagar in Udaipur in north-western India have been vigilant about a leopard, which has attacked six people and killed several animals.

On the night of January 3 as they kept a wary watch, a stray dog appeared on a road frequented by the leopard. After a while the leopard also arrived and lied down on the road and went to sleep.

The dog also squat on the road at a distance without fleeing and without realising the danger it was in.

When the leopard woke up, the dog was still sitting and became an easy meal for the predator.

A local resident Pawan Lal said: “The leopard rested for at least 30 minutes before it killed the dog. The dog strangely made no attempt to run away.”

“Forest officials should catch the leopard and shift it to a forest,” he added.